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We strive for the highest quality and professionalism, and relentlessly pursue delivery of outstanding results. Our law office caters to a variety of legal issues. We offer personal attention, dedicated service, and unbiased legal advice.

Commercial Group

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Corporate and Commercial

Our relationships with our clients are characterised not only by our grasp of the relevant laws, but also by an understanding of the local and wider international environment in which our clients do business. We also have an appreciation of the unique issues faced by each client, an appreciation that is drawn from our involvement in a diverse range of company transactions, buttressed by our intense desire to see the world the way our clients see it.

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Tourism & Investment

Tourism is a significant area of foreign direct investment for Jamaica. We will advise you of the legislation affecting the operation and development of Jamaica’s hospitality and tourism businesses and can advise operators of hotels, clubs, restaurants and other licensed venues across Jamaica. With a strong commercial background, our team is uniquely placed to advise clients on all aspects relating to this industry, while devising solutions that are commercially viable.

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Estate Planning & Business Succession

We assist clients to draft their wills and with other ways of disposing of their property and assets to their loved ones. We will also help you to probate a will and administer an estate. Where a loved one dies intestate, we will guide you through the sometimes lengthy process of establishing your claim. In addition, we provide such services as:

  • Interpreting wills
  • Establishing trusts
  • Drafting powers of attorney
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Real Estate, Property Development & Construction

Nicholson Phillips has extensive experience in real estate law. We represent individuals, institutions, and corporations who want to acquire, dispose of, finance, or develop land and we have expertise in all areas of property and commercial law, subdivision and development.

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Dispute Resolution and Litigation Group

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Dispute Resolution

At Nicholson Phillips we understand a business’ need to actively manage litigation and disputes to control expenditure and are thus committed to exploring all options of alternative dispute resolution prior to instigating any Court proceedings.

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Insurance and personal injury

The partnership has extensive expertise in insurance law acting for both insurers and insured alike, and is well-equipped to help clients on either side of a claim to manage crisis situations. Understanding both sides of the equation, we understand what is required to secure compensation for clients through insurance settlement, arbitration, mediation, or trial.

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Commercial Litigation

Once a matter goes to court, the overriding objective is to offer swift, strategic and decisive representation that protects the commercial interests of the client.

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Debt Recovery

Representing both lenders and borrowers our attorneys help clients to work out payment arrangements on secured or unsecured loans. Our team is accustomed to offering sensitive and highly confidential guidance especially when dealing with aspects of insolvency or business failure and will guide you through the process with an eye for preservation of as much of your business and dignity as possible.