Our History

Manley Nicholson and Lorna Phillips merged their law practices in 2000 to form their partnership Nicholson Phillips. By 2003, the firm had expanded necessitating a move to a larger space, and again in 2011 moving to its present suite of offices at 22 Trafalgar Road. The partners celebrated their fifth anniversary by hosting internationally acclaimed author, inspirational speaker, and life coach Iyanla Vanzant. Also in 2005, they began a special relationship with the St Andrew Parish Church Home for Girls.

In recognition of the partners’ business success, the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce awarded the firm an Entrepreneurial Award – a first for a law firm.

The partnership celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2010 by renewing its commitment to provide quality services to local and global clients.


Nicholson Phillips combines a high level of expertise with dedication to quality service. The partners specialise in corporate, commercial, litigation, and property law. They bring to cases their collective expertise gained in Jamaica, Canada and the United Kingdom, and are therefore well-equipped to meet the needs of clients operating in the global marketplace

The partners are determined to provide the quality of service that can help clients attain and maintain commercial and personal success. To that end, the partnership offers the services of highly qualified, well-trained and friendly support staff and a dedicated expert legal team committed to rendering expert legal advice. In addition, the partners require regular attendance by the legal team at regional and international conferences and workshops, in-house seminars, continuing education seminars and writing for legal publications.

The partners adopt a client-focused approach; their team helps clients to protect their civil, property, and financial rights by delivering expert solutions in a timely manner.


Nicholson Phillips’ mission is to be forerunners in the delivery of exceptional professional legal services to similarly progressive clients who have an appreciation for integrity and quality service.


The Nicholson Phillips partnership strives to provide quality service for discerning clients. Our commitment to our clients, ourselves, and the wider community includes:

  • Being accessible and responsive;
  • Handling civil and commercial matters locally and globally;
  • Finding new ways to produce results to exceed our clients’ expectations;
  • Providing expert legal advice that is timely and oriented to meeting clients’ needs;
  • Negotiating settlements in ways that are principled, efficient, and effective;
  • Winning cases that appear “unwinnable”;
  • Providing leadership to the wider legal and commercial community to bring about improvements that can benefit us all;
  • Sustaining an enriching environment through innovation and teamwork within the firm;
  • Providing career opportunities by sustaining the firm’s growth and financial strength; and
  • Engaging in community outreach to improve the lives of some of the vulnerable in society.
Core Values

The partners believe that a strong value system is at the foundation of every successful business. The firm’s values have been the driving force behind our success since we started out in 2000, and give consistency and strength to our business and client relationships. In addition, these values help our clients to know what to expect from us, and help us to exceed our clients’ expectations.

The partners are guided by the following core values:

  • Integrity: Honesty discipline, trustworthiness, and alignment with its mission
  • Quality service: Effective communication and attainment of service delivery targets
  • Competence: Ability to do what is required
  • Approachability: Friendly and approachable manner at all times
  • Care: demonstrated commitment to achieving clients’ objectives
  • Growth: Continual growth and self-assessment
  • Prosperity: Deep and lasting sense of well-being
  • Community: Shared gifts for the betterment of our nation
  • Grace: Inspiration by the grace and love of God

Nicholson Phillips’ vision is to create a progressive proficient and caring, high quality commercial practice dedicated to developing human potential that serves commercial clients and select private clients with care and commitment.


The Nicholson Phillips team – legal and support members alike – seeks to use its skills, talents, and available technology to leverage success for clients. From front desk to board room, we aim to communicate that we see each client as an individual deserving of a discreet, proficient and effective service.

Our team members are therefore regularly upgrading skills, attending workshops, in-house seminars, continuing education seminars, as well as regional and international conferences. In addition, the partners and associates write for legal publications on topics intended to guide clients in their dialogue with their advisors and to help them to help themselves.

From its inception, the partnership has stood for integrity and service to clients.

Location & Facilities

Nicholson Phillips’ offices are located in New Kingston, the heart of Jamaica’s commercial district. With modern technological facilities, the firm also adopts Green Globe principles.

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